Launching a free, family festival of PAR-formance and PAR-ticipation from the people who bought you the Distanced Dance.

Midday ’til 6pm on the 4th September 2021 at PAR Track

Bringing together fantastic outdoor dance, parkour & circus performance with arts & crafts activities, great food and music, The PAR-teee is a celebration for the community of Par, St Blazey and Tywardreath.

A step into the wonderful for PAR Bay.


Zoo Humans

Responding to the news that a third of young people spend less time outdoors than prisoners – what will it take to get us moving again, before its too late… featuring the voice of Sir David Attenborough


11 Doors

Look out for an actual door popping up at the PAR-Teee, revealing Anna Murphy’s tale ‘11 Doors – a story of dirt and washing’. See the story come to life when dancers Rob and Suzie visit the PAR-Teee.


The Splendid Hut

The Splendid Hut is a baroque chapel in a small black hut on a boat trailer. This artwork further explores grief’s resolution process through film and the rich and exuberant detail of the hut’s interior decoration.


Dandy Lion

Follow Tevi, a uniquely special lion cub, in this heart-warming, coming-of-age story as he discovers what it is to be the leader of a pride.


On The Strand Line

Almost as old as the oldest civilisation is the myth of the flood. The story of a few who survive the waters through Devine intervention, and the help of a boat… but the flood we face is not a myth, and we have no one to save us but ourselves…


Atlas Acrobatics

Stay tuned


Hall For Cornwall Youth Dance Company

Stay tuned



Don't Say It - SPRAY IT!

Join artist Belinda Latimer and try out spray can art – make your mark on our giant wooden boards – then see the final sign being revealed at the end of The Par-Teee – a giant piece of art that everyone can be a P/ARt of….

Paint Spinning

Hannah Shaw, from MakeSpace, will be spinning you around, sPARking your creativity with colour and dynamic painting.


Come and meet Ellie Russell Hsieh, one of our MakeSpace Artists, to create your very own monoprint to take home.
Learn this fab technique in self-expression with ink, paper and your imagination!

Doodle Hoop

Andrea from Sew Indigo Blue will be showing you how to create a hoopilicious doodle hoop, using pens to let your drawing skills loose.

City of Lights - Fish Making

Did you know that the fish skeleton is the sign of St Blaise? Or that Par is built on
land reclaimed from the sea? With City of Lights you can create willow withy fish.
Bookable 30 minute slots will be available for families to attend and sessions are
suitable for all ages. You’ll work with leading lantern artists to create your own fish, and everyone is invited to join in a procession of the festival site at the end of the event.

Blystra - Dream Catcher

At the PAR-teee we believe strongly in the power of dreaming! With
Blystra Arts you can make your own dream catcher to take home with
you. Blystra are from Newquay and make performance, art and film in
unusual and interesting places.


Coldstart Coffee

With a hand-built coffee bar strapped to a classic 1972 Royal Enfield and sidecar we serve exceptional, sustainable coffees in a true retro style.


Pink Flamingo Ice-Cream

We offer a range of luxury soft scoop ice cream including delicious flavours from the Organic Cornish Dairy Farm, Roskilly’s.



Stay tuned