Almost as old as the oldest civilisation is the myth of the flood. The story of a few who survive the waters through Devine intervention, and the help of a boat… but the flood we face is not a myth, and we have no one to save us but ourselves…

Commissioned by the Time & Tide Bell organisation; The UPG Team bring their distinctive performance-parkour language together with a vessel made of scaffold and a story told by a child to ask, in the face of rising sea levels, how we avoid having to choose who gets on the boat?

On the Strandline is performed by the Emergent Ensemble – a group of five early career performers brought together in the time of Covid to survive the industry lockdown.

Commissioned by: The Time & Tide Bell Organisation
Supported by: Arts Council England & Creative Civic Change
Directed by: Miranda Henderson & Alister O’Loughlin
Performed by: The UPG Emergent Ensemble – Adie Dove, Talia Sealey, Tim Merrifield, Sam Nancarrow & Angus Capel
Soundtrack by: Chris Umney
Narration by: Ethel-Jean Harvey
Set design & fabrication by: Dan Richardson

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