Based on Hazlitt’s classic essay ‘The Fight’, Pierce Egan’s ‘Boxiana’ & ‘Real Life in London’ & contemporary sources.

Boxing meets Brexit in this knockabout tragic-comedy from the team behind the Tragedian.

Britain wins a protracted war with Europe, but can it win the peace? The rich are getting richer but the poor still starve. Within a few years; protests against the government spill into violence on British streets. Sound familiar?

In 1821 William Hazlitt, the greatest prose writer in the English language, went to see his first bare knuckle boxing match. Through his eyes PRODIGAL THEATRE go a few rounds with sport, politics and national identities.

Written by Alister O’Loughlin, after Hazlitt, Egan & other contemporary sources.

Direction and Dramaturgy by Miranda Henderson.

Performers: Alister O’Loughlin & Elijah Holloway

Regency Pugilism Training and additional fight choreography by Chris Chatfield

Supported by Hall For Cornwall and Arts Council England

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“Friends, have you ever seen a fight? If not, you have a pleasure to come, at least if it’s a fight like this…”

William Hazlitt

The tempt for greatness is the biggest drug in the world.

Mike Tyson