The multiple award winning Prodigal Theatre creates work which is epic within a small frame, drawing on the co-founders’ backgrounds in contemporary dance and physical theatre, and their shared love of classic, narrative driven drama.

In adapting classic texts Prodigal look for the opportunities to implicate audiences in the action, moving beyond the traditional distance of audience and performer towards a much older tradition in which the audience really defines the performance on any given night. With this end in mind Prodigal’s work has moved from intimate in the round story telling through site specific adaptations of Jacobean tragedy and into dramatising theatre history itself. The company’s approach to text is both rigorous and physical, cutting apart the classics and montaging new scripts through the combination of the old with the entirely new. The company has always taught alongside performing, and specialises in engaging at-risk communities. Some of our best work has arisen from provocation so if you have a challenge or suggestion for us please do get in touch.

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The Fight

The Tragedian Trilogy

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Ten Thousand Several Doors

Queen of the Slaughter

The Story Thief

A Room of State

A Room of State

Ballad of the Shadow

The Boy Who Came From The Sea

The Boy Who Came From The Sea

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