Prodigal UPG CIC is planning to develop a rehearsal studio on land in Par, Cornwall.

The studio will accommodate the creation of small scale theatre and dance work, and also provide the local community with a place to meet world-class theatre and dance artists and their teaching. It will sit alongside a 10m x 10m outdoor rehearsal space for use by small to mid scale outdoor performance makers. Alongside these development spaces, Prodigal UPG will offer accommodation to artists in residence.

Between 2002 and 2010 we launched and ran a small-scale theatre;  The Nightingale, in Brighton. There we established a ladder-of-development that brought together artists from all levels of the profession to receive and offer mentoring as they developed new work. We invited the audience to contribute to that development. Over 100 new pieces of theatre and dance emerged, many going on to tour nationally and internationally. In Par we will establish a new ladder of development aimed at involving the local community in theatre and dance as it is created, and, working with local and regional organisations, we’ll improve the opportunities for young people growing up here to find routes in to the profession.

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