The UPGTeam is the original 2PK company, coining the phrase performance-parkour (or 2PK) to describe our unique fusion of authentic French-Freerunning with contemporary performance.

This is the meeting of Miranda Henderson’s Dance, Alister O’Loughlin’s Physical Theatre, Malik Diouf’s L’Art Du Deplacement, and Chris Umney’s Music. Together the company has slowly evolved a language of performance that can play to any audience across an incredibly wide breadth of contexts. The Team has taught wherever it has performed, and continues to pioneer engagement models including numerous participant-performances with people young and old across five continents. To date we have performed on moving buses and stationary trains, on the roofs of London buildings and the decks of Danish boats. We have threaded lines across cities from Australia to Scandinavia and bought new life to old architecture from Srebrenica to Sarteano. 2PK is for everyone and we relish the challenge of a new project so if you think performance-parkour might be the answer to a question you have then please get in touch.

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Zoo Humans

One Language Is Never Enough


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Made In Foxhill, Bath

The Complete Freedom Of Truth

Where have you been?/ Hvor har du vært?

Indian Steam


Run This Town

The Inner City

Play The Plaza

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